A Week In Dubrovnik


Another month and even fewer posts thus far, I'm sorry dear reader(s). I'm determined to keep this blog running and not allow it to fade into obscurity like most (all) of my previous websites. I'm blaming the summer weather and also the reason for this post: our recent week long excursion to Dubrovnik in Croatia for my lack of blogging activity.

I have an odd impression of Europe that I can only assume was formed during family holidays in France and Switzerland and the school exchange trip to Germany. Whenever I think of our EU friends I picture old women with no teeth, horse-drawn carts with rickety wheels and men in bad shell suits. Imagine my surprise on touching down in Dubrovnik's plush new airport, being whisked to the historic port town we were staying in in an air-conditioned Mercedes and entering our recently refurbished studio apartment that was ours for the week. Within an hour of arriving I'd already busted my own Euro myth.

I won't detail the entire trip here, that's what the Dubrovnik video in the projects section is for, but the highlights were the beautiful islands of Lopud and Lokrum, the winding streets and architecture in the old town, the delicious wedding anniversary meal we had at Gil's restaurant and a never ending supply of 'big beer'. Well, we're Brits on tour, it's what the locals expect.