Baby Steps

Baby Steps

Seeing as Kate is now at about twenty-four weeks into pregnancy I thought it was about time to update you all with our rapid progress towards parenthood.

Kate's baby bump is coming along just fine and seems to be getting larger every day along with the need for flexible waistbands and and anything 'loose fit' so I'm finding my side of the wardrobe being raided more frequently than usual.

A second-hand buggy has been bought and stored after I tidied up our understairs cupboard which is now cobweb-free and carpeted. Probably a bit over the top for a cupboard.

A few weekends back we embarked on our first Streetcar journey and drove down to see work colleagues Ellen and Dave in Great Totham, Essex to collect a cot-bed they'd kindly offered to give us. Said cot-bed has since been sanded and painted white and looks lovely even if I did gripe about how it was fine as it was in its original state.

The biggest task of all was to decorate the nursery - formerly known as the studio - which we decided to paint baby blue seeing as we already have a yellow kitchen and a green living room. I had to find a new home for yet more of my vinyl collection which is fast becoming a plastic pariah in our household.

The twenty week scan came and went in July and gave us a clear bill of health and a progress report with every statistic dead on the average as well as a new set of photos that actually show a small person rather than some deep sea dwelling prehistoric crustacheon.

The sonographer asked if we wanted to find out the sex but we stuck to our guns so that we could wait until the big day in January.

As Sod's Law would have it, what with the nursery being blue and the hood on the buggy also blue, you can bet we'll be having a girl and everyone will comment on how desperate we must've been for a boy.