Bump To Baby

Bump To Baby

You'll have to excuse the lack of updates lately - try as I might, I can't make an interesting blog entry out of the tales of sleepless nights and projectile poo that make up life with a newborn.

However I have found the time to pull together a project that's been ongoing since last July, just after we had our first scan. Every week Kate put on the same clothes (a bit of a squeeze towards the end), stood in the same spot and I took a photo.

It was impossible to get all the conditions exactly the same - the light changed outside as summer turned into winter, and any haircuts always caused continuity errors - but it's pretty amazing to have a record of Kate's bump growing and growing, until finally it turned into an actual human being.

If you're interested in the technicalities of such a project it's all pretty straight forward, you just need a tripod with a decent head and then I simply marked the locations of the tripod feet and the spot where Kate stood using masking tape and that's it.

Once we'd chosen the best shot for each week I took them into Photoshop where I could turn them black and white and align them all in a layered document. Once that was done I exported each image as a JPG file and made the video in Pinnacle Studio.

If I could do it all again I wouldn't do it by a window, the light is never the same, and I wouldn't use flash because it created some nasty shadows on a few of the shots but other than that it mostly went to plan.

You can watch the finished video below or over on my Vimeo page and the stills I used are over on Flickr in a set called Bump To Baby.