Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

I love making videos of the stuff I get up to but what often holds me back is my inner Spike Jonze and a need to at least try and create a mini-masterpiece worthy of Palme d’Or shortlisting.

Having a young son makes the annual Christmas home movie an almost obligatory task and having been inspired by the simplicity of Sainsbury’s Christmas in a Day film I decided this time I wouldn’t worry about tripods, lighting or framing, and all the other technical nonsense that confuses and befuddles me, I’d just point and shoot and try to capture the essence of a family Christmas.

Looking through all the footage once we were home it was nice to be reminded of all the silly moments that usually get forgotten in a blur of wrapping paper and left-over turkey – like Fergus whacking the camera with the teddy my sister made for him, my brother Michael’s reindeer socks and the giant cracker Anne and Dave got for Fergus.

Editing it all together was easy: I just trimmed away the fat from the shots I wanted to use and made sure it all ran in a coherent order. Of course I sweated over which fonts to use but hey, I’m a designer, it’s my job to fuss over the things most people don’t notice or care about.

You can watch the finished video below or over on my Vimeo page.