Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

It’s no wonder I haven’t created any new videos since uploading the 2013 family Christmas movie - so much happened in 2014 that I didn’t have time to sit down let alone shoot, edit and upload any video.

With Ivy being born in July and moving from London to Leigh-on-Sea in November it was a hectic twelve months but fortunately we were all settled into our new home in time to host Christmas at ours (for a change) and I tried to capture the big day itself and Boxing Day in this short film.

Like most dads, I’m trying to make the annual Christmas video a habit as I’m sure I’ll look back on them fondly in years to come when the children are both teenagers busy slamming doors in my face and telling me how much they hate me.

I’ll retire to the safety of my study and reminisce about the good ol’ days when they were tiny angels happy to receive a length of string or a pot of play-doh for Christmas rather than some Apple gadgetry costing thousands of pounds.

You can watch the finished video below or over on my Vimeo page.