City Information Centre

City Information Centre

After promoting my videography skills to the various departments at the City of London I was approached by the Culture, Heritage and Libraries team who were looking to make a short film about the City Information Centre, London’s only official tourist information centre.

Following an initial scoping meeting a brief was drawn up and as soon as the weather permitted I was off around the City shooting all the footage we’d discussed.

A few weeks later and I’d produced a first draft that wasn’t entirely met with the joy I’d hoped for but I was determined to make my first client film – as opposed to films of Fergus and foreign holidays – a success.

The feedback I received from the first draft was constructive and so it was back out onto the streets for more recording and re-shoots with a firm idea of what was needed and the direction the film was to go in.

Apart from incidental shots of iconic buildings and locations around the City I also got the opportunity to direct some volunteer ‘actors’ inside the City Information Centre that didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped and I also needed to record and edit the six different languages that I used as voiceovers.

A few more drafts later and we’re getting close to the finished article. The only remaining snags were around matching the voiceover with the video footage and some problems with camera shake from using a monopod to record on the Millennium Bridge and at a couple of other locations but with time and patience these were all ironed out.

Creating my first professional production was tough at times but overall very rewarding and now that the film is finished and up on the City’s website I can reflect on what was a great learning experience as well as something I thoroughly enjoyed doing and am very proud of.

Equipment & Software

  • Canon EOS 500D
  • FujiFilm X10
  • Pinnacle Studio 14
  • Audacity
  • WinFF
  • Miro