City Of London

City Of London

Glancing at the portfolio section of my site you'd be forgiven for thinking I haven't been doing much work lately, but you'd be mistaken because I'm pleased to announce that after eighteen months of blood, sweat and digital tears we launched the beautiful new City of London website earlier this week.

The project has been an incredible learning experience for me becasue I've been able to stop playing with and start using lots of the exciting techniques I've been reading so much about like SVG gradients, CSS3 transitions and media queries.

My main task in the project was to take the page designs (all forty-four of them) that were created by our design partner, Fortune Cookie, and code them into web pages, along with all the associated styles, images, SVGs and sprites, that were then used as the foundation for the SharePoint templates that the site is built on.

I also led on the development of the design for mobile devices which involved creating a set of style sheets and media queries that allow the site to be usable on tablets, smart phones and feature phones. This part was great fun because it was the first time I'd used responsive design techniques outside of my own site.

Reaction to the new site has been really positive so far and I'm so proud of what we've achieved in what now feels like a relatively short space of time, I just hope that, like the site we replaced, we can get a good ten years of use out of this version because only then will I be ready for another project of this scale.


Webby Awards 2013
Awarded Official Honouree distinction for the category of government.

SocITM Better Connected 2013
Awarded three out of four stars and an M (for mobile rating - with the City being one of only four London councils to receive this rating).


  • SharePoint2010
  • JQuery
  • CSS3 and CSS3 PIE
  • HTML5
  • SVG
  • CRM
  • AchieveForms
  • WorldPay
  • BizTalk