Come To Daddy

Come To Daddy

If you haven't heard the good news already then brace yourself because Kate and I are having a baby! Walsh Junior is currently around fourteen weeks old, eight centimeters from crown to rump (head to bum if you're a layman like me) and growing at rate that would put most competitive eaters to shame.

We'd been planning to start a family this year so it wasn't a surprise but we weren't prepared for how quickly it would happen, especially as we were about five days into our US roadtrip when we found out.

The hardest part up until announcing the news last week has been keeping it a secret and hiding Kate's inability to consume alcohol whilst out and about - always a dead give-away for early pregnancy mums-to-be.

I'd been helping out by discreetly sipping my way through Kate's drinks as well as my own which had left me rather worse for wear on several occasions - for once a chore I was happy to fulfil.

We're both really excited - and let's be honest, a bit scared - about becoming parents and are busying ourselves with all the preparation a little one requires and boy do they need a lot of stuff: buggies, prams, cribs, cots, nappies, bottles, clothes, creams and cradles. The list is endless and there's so much choice it's hard to know where to begin.

I imagine, like most things in life, we'll find our own way of doing it and when we need some support we've got eager grandparents keen to help out so we're in good hands.