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Every year I have the same recurring new year resolution to see more live comedy and every year I have the same recurring problem, a complete failure to fulfil any of my new year resolutions. Fortunately this year I’ve got off to much better start.

Not only have I finished reading Stewart Lee’s excellent book ‘How I Escaped My Certain Fate: The Life And Deaths Of A Stand-Up Comedian’ I took his advice and got hold of two tickets for me and Kate to see Simon Munnery at the Soho Theatre.

Before reading ‘How I Escaped…’ I hadn’t heard of Mr. Munnery but he gets name dropped many times in the book and is obviously highly regarded by the author that I thought he’d be worth checking-out seeing as I’m slightly obsessed with Stewart Lee and anyone he recommends must surely be awesome.

We arrived at the theatre after drinks and dinner in Soho and joined the back of the queue. By the time we got into the theatre the only seats left were on the front row – normally the seats to avoid at a comedy gig but I was quietly confident it wouldn’t be one of those nights when those at the front are forced to participate.

Kicking off the show with a sketch about La Concepta a conceptual French restaurant serving pasta with a side order of misery was a good start and got everyone settled. What came next featured talk of embarrassing nerve damage, a heckler ranting about David Cameron who quickly lost her nerve when challenged and ended up apologising and a video advert for Rowlocks – the things that keep oars in place on a rowboat - fashioned into something to be worn on the wrist.

As with most live comedy it doesn’t translate to the page too well but it was a great night that we both enjoyed and I’d happily go and see him again or book a table in La Concepta if it ever becomes reality.