I had the day off today so rather than waste it watching films in my pants and not showering or opening the curtains I thought I'd try and do something productive so Jack and I made the short to trip to Kings Cross to go and see the Crash exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery.

The theme of the exhibition was Crash by J. G. Ballard - which ties in nicely with my current literary fascination - and the influence it and its author had on the art world.

I'd not been to the Gagosian Gallery before and although it's not huge there was plenty to see and I was impressed with the variety. I won't attempt to describe every item on show here, it's much easier if you just look at the Crash page on the Gagosian website.

The pieces that remain in my memory are the suspended engines crystalised in copper sulphate by Roger Hiorns, the motorway photos by Dan Holdsworth, the tower block photo by Cyprien Gaillard and the mechanical pig by Paul McCarthy.

If, like me, you enjoy machines mixed with a pinch of eroticism you'll enjoy this exhibition. If not, go anyway, you'll see some boobs and a giant silicone pig.