Cycling To Work

Cycling To Work

Feeling in an inspired mood after watching the latest Vimeo Video School tutorial on how to make a bicycle camera mount and viewing the examples others had posted I thought I'd have a stab at making my own mount and video. Recording my cycle to work seemed like a good journey to start the experiment with.

After visiting my local hardware store and assembling the necessary parts I found a unused reflector bracket in the shed and pieced together my own version of the mount shown in the tutorial. All I needed now was some good weather and a free evening that didn't involve booze - so I could cycle to work and home again the same day.

A few weekends after finishing the mount and fixing it to the bike I was excited to see today starting with bright sunshine and clear skies so I was double-quick getting ready for work and out the door, onto the road before you could say 'play and record'.

The mount worked pretty well, some running repairs were needed along the way and I need to find a system for reducing vibration and camera-shake as well as getting the camera to attach to the mount more firmly but with a little trial and error I'm sure I can make it more reliable. What I can't fix is the bloody awful London roads I have to cycle on, pot holes and bad surfaces don't exactly help!

Anyway, while I write to my local MP to complain about highway maintenance you can take a look at the finished video below or on my Vimeo page, hopefully the first of many.