Ed Banger

Ed Banger

I'd been looking forward to the Ed Banger 7th Birthday rave for quite a while and it didn't dissapoint. In a word, it was nuts!

The Coronet is an incredible venue a bit like Brixton Academy being an ex-theatre now repurposed as a music venue. They could do with investing in some extra cloak room signs though, we wandered around looking like tourists and asking for directions from anyone in a bomber jacket until we discovered it tucked away outside with the smokers.

Coats now in storage we headed back inside and into the main room where two giant stacks of speakers hanging from the ceiling were hammering out French electro.

Maybe I'm getting old, maybe I like a certain amount of personal space or maybe I just like having room to dance to dance music but it was a bit too busy in amongst the youths so we headed to the bar and on to the upstairs balcony where we found room for dancings and a bird's eye view - double win.

As the hours passed it started to thin out so we headed back to the main room for Busy P and the closing set from Fake Blood. The atmosphere was great, everyone was up for a fun night and the Ed Banger crew didn't let us down. Bon anniversaire!