After almost nine whole months of waiting our first baby, Fergus Christopher Walsh, was born on Thursday the fifth of January at 9:57am in the Whittington Hospital Birth Centre weighing in at a healthy seven pounds and six ounces.

Kate's contractions had started during the evening before - whilst I'd been in the pub watching Newcastle beat Manchester United three nil - but didn't get stronger, more frequent and increasingly painful until about two in the morning.

We called the hospital and were instructed to hold on at home for as long as we could or until it became too painful so when Kate's waters broke at around 6am we knew it was time to call a cab, gather up our hospital bags and get moving.

On arriving at the hospital we were shown to one of the birthing rooms - which I've been describing to friends as like a hotel suite for having babies in - and Kate was checked over by the midwives.

Kate was told everything was progressing well and that she could get into the birthing pool and get ready to start breathing through the contractions and pushing when the time came.

After several hours of pain and immense physical effort on Kate's part and lots of encouragement and back rubbing from me our baby boy decided to make his first appearance in the world.

Seeing the birth was an incredible experience and one I'll cherish forever. It's heartbreaking watching someone you love in incredible pain and not being able to do anything about it but I was full of admiration for Kate for what she'd achieved once it was all over.

Once Kate had held him and I'd cut the cord the midwives took him to another part of our room to give him a check over and make sure he had enough fingers and toes and pop him on the scales.

Thankfully he was given a clean bill of health and was returned to us to spend the rest of the afternoon recovering together before we made the journey back home at around ten o'clock that evening.

Our friends and families have all been amazing and we've been showered with so many lovely gifts and cards it's going to take us the rest of the year just to thank everyone!

We've had plenty of visits too and it's been fun introducing him to everyone, especially two very proud grannies (and a grandad!) not to mention brothers, sisters, wives and partners.

I've also been pretty busy with the camera capturing his first days, as all proud dads do, and I've made a Fergus set on Flickr if you want to chek them out.

The feeling of pride and responsibility is hard to put into words but after exactly one week of fatherhood during which I've been poo'd, wee'd and sick'd on I'm finding it all really rewarding and thoroughly enjoyable - something I'm looking forward to keeping up for the next twenty-one years!