Field Day 2010

Field Day

August already!? Where's the summer going to? At least it's been the BBQ summer we were promised last year. Field Day came and went last Saturday and was probably the best one yet. My colour-coded, concertina timetables with iPhone app and PDF/XSL/HTM versions were the best yet and I even had enough spares to make some random strangers very happy: "what? you're giving them away? just to be nice?".

On to the music and first up was a Simian Mobile Disco DJ set which was fun to dance to with everyone. After that we had a wander and then back came back to the Bugged Out! tent for Gonzales followed by Joker.

Joker was amazing. Kate and I danced like loons until I got so hot and sweaty we had to make a trip to the merch stand to buy a new t-shirt!

After a bite to eat and a sit down we wandered over to the main EYOE stage to watch Caribou and chant SUN SUN SUN SUN SUN followed by the closing set from Phoenix.

Sunday was spent recovering from Field Day fun times and on Monday we met up with Chris and Ruth to go and see Inception.

I'd heard and read mixed reviews but I thoroughly enjoyed it; plenty of excellent camera work, an interesting and intriguing storyline that's not as complicated and everyone will lead you to believe and some decent performances from Di Caprio, Page and that guy from 3rd Rock From The Sun.

The only weakness is that you don't feel much empathy for the characters other than Di Caprio's, character development is next to none but hey, there's a zero gravity fight scene that more than makes up for it.