Field Day 2011

Field Day

It's Sunday morning and Field Day has come and gone for another year so it's a time for reflection and getting it all down into a blog post before it gets forgotten in a fog of dry ice and San Miguel.

With Kate now four months pregnant our days of hedonistic debauchery are behind us but with detox comes certain advantages, like, for example, arriving at Victoria Park at the thoroughly keen and eager time of 1:30 - a time only beaten by the equally excited Rachel and Jack.

First up was the last few minutes of Pearson Sound's set in the Bugged Out! tent before Roska took to the stage a blew us away. Good start, I thought and definitely worth getting out of bed for.

After half an hour or so of Roska we headed to the Lock Tavern/Shacklewell Arms tent for Cock'n'Bull Kid's poppy warblings which I think Kate enjoyed more than I did. Not enough sub-bass or lasers for my liking.

By this point it was getting busier as most of East London woke up and dragged themselves down to join the party and back in the Bugged Out! tent James Blake was on DJing duty although not reaching the same heights as Roska but I guess that's not really his style.

Confusion reigned as we wandered aimlessly between L-Vis 1990, Mount Kimbie, Oneohtrix Point Never and Electrelane not really seeing much of any of them.

Of my 'must-see' acts the first to perform was Actress who was fashionably late by about twenty minutes. The Bloggers Delight tent he was playing in was way too small so by the time he actually got going it was rammed. I only stayed for about half an hour but what I saw was impressive - as you'd expect.

Deciding which food stall to visit for dinner was probably the toughest decision of the day. The queue for Daddy Donkey was too long so we went for hog roast instead and had a sit-down by the main stage to watch Warpaint.

Refuelled and high on apple sauce it was back to Bugged Out! for Kieren Hebden and James Holden back-to-back that wasn't quite as good as it looks on paper but still fun to dance to especially as most of our friends had now assembled and made the standard issue front left spot our own.

Following Holden versus Hebden we all snaked our way back to Bloggers Delight for SBTRKT. A short trip that seemed to take forever seeing as the whole festival was packed by this point. We didn't stay for too long and decided to buy cakes and call it a day. That's how we roll now.

Walking back along the canal we were caught in a shower that produced a double rainbow - photos of which and the rest of the day are over on Flickr. What better way to end the day?