Four To The Floor

Four To The Floor

Remember when Channel 4 made TV that was shocking, original, inspiring as well as interesting? I do because I'm of a certain age but younger viewers may not.

Instead, you may know Channel 4 as the (former) home of Big Brother, My Big Fat Gypsy Whatever and gawping at poor people on Benefits Street.

All sad and depressing programmes in their own special ways. Original? Perhaps but inspiring? Interesting? Certainly not. Until I discovered Four To The Floor, C4's latest music show.

Music on TV has been a dead man walking in the last few years since everyone stopped watching the box and switched to the internet.

YouTube is where music videos are uploaded, watched and shared these days and it's much easier to get your video played on your own online channel than it is to get it onto 'real' TV so it's understandable.

That said, I'm not an artist, I'm a consumer and I still have an appetite for discovering music on TV and that's exactly where Four To The Floor comes in.

As of today we are three episodes in to the first series and each one has been fresh, exciting and unique, from the artists and genres played to the graphics and credits that give it its own visual identity.

So far we've seen and heard from a whole host of young musicians including North London's Little Simz, Edinburgh's Young Fathers and Hyperdub singer/songwriter Jessy Lanza. All the music from the show is nicely curated over on the Four To The Floor Soundcloud.

Amongst all the music and interviews is spoken word, video art and graphics as well as snippets of videos from larger artists/labels.

Coming in at roughly 23 minutes long for each episode it gets straight to the point by focussing on the artists and their music and not on the presenter. How? There is no presenter.

As a piece of TV it's engaging, inspiring and original - everything Channel 4 used to be. Now go follow @C4_FTTF and see what you've been missing.