Harringay Food Festival

Harringay Food Festival

I'd been looking forward to taking my camera to last Sunday's Harringay Food Festival since first spotting the banner advertising the event on the railings outside The Salisbury pub on Green Lanes earlier this year.

Having had fun at the first festival back in 2009 I knew it would be a great opportunity to take the DSLR along and get some pictures of all the different food stalls, visitors and entertainers that would be there.

On arriving at around midday the weather and conditions were perfect for photography and there was so much to see I got down to pointing and shooting everything that came in to view: remote-control wheelie bins, men on stilts, cupcakes, arts and craft, musicians and food from around the world.

I didn't think I'd need my new telephoto lens so I stuck with the tried and trusted kit lens but after a while I wished I had brought it along. The extra zoom would've been handy for the live music stages and the ability to get really close-up to all the food that was on show would've got some great shots but overall I was pleased with what I did get.

After posting links to the finished Flickr set on Twitter this morning my daily stats jumped by about 1800 views thanks to some generous retweeting by @HarringayFest and @HarringayOnline.

Take a look at the finished set on Flickr and, if you like what you see, come along next year and spend a whole day eating cakes and barbequed meat whilst wandering up and down Green Lanes like I did.