Until recently my Bob Marley knowledge consisted of two things: he had dreadlocks and he made some popular music of the reggae variety so when the opportunity to see Kevin MacDonald's Marley biopic presented itself it seemed like a quick way to boost my knowledge to expert levels.

Trekking down to Dalston's Rio cinema as part of Kate's thirtieth birthday cerebrations to see the film was also a good opportunity to visit a cinema for the fist time in 2012 and experience the mother and baby screenings I'd heard so much about.

Accompanied by a total of five other parents and (very well behaved) babies along with one other dad we settled down in acres of room and tucked into our smuggled-in picnic.

What followed was Marley's journey from birth and early youth in St. Ann's to life in Trench Town and Studio 1, his famous concerts, global tours and near death experiences to his eventual untimely demise at the hands of cancer.

It's a well constructed tale with comment and insight from all the right people including family, label bosses, managers and band-mates.

My only criticism is that I came away with a better understanding of his career and the events that shaped his life but was given only a very small glimpse into the man himself but it's always hard to cover every detail in any documentary and it doesn't stop the film from being as enjoyable as it is informative.

The closing shots within the credits had the greatest effect on me seeing as they vindicate his main goal in life - to spread his music and message to people around the world - but I won't spoil it for you by detailing it here, just go and see it for yourself.