We arrived back in London today after a week in super-hot Morocco, Essaouira to be precise. We stayed in a traditional riad called La Baoussala for seven nights and only ventured out to spend a day at the beach and visit Essaouira town so yes, you could say it was a relaxing break.

During our stay we visited a souk, sampled the spices and fresh fish, chosen and grilled before our eyes, had an hour long massage that flew by, I think I fell asleep, and ate plenty of tagine cooked food.

Unfortunately being a soft Western tourist with a weakling stomach I had a touch of the Delhi Belly on the second day which wiped me out for 24 hours. Not much fun but it didn't spoil anything other than my appetite.

I set a new perosnal best of reading two books in a week and have exhausted my stack of books to read, now what? Kate hammered her way through two much larger books but I'm hoping my efforts will promote me to the adult readers group or at least give me access to the young-teens section in the library.

Ryanair did a good job on the way there but on the way back they kept us waiting on the plane for an extra thirty minutes because they didn't have any stairs and then took ages to get our luggage onto the carousel, bad Ryanair! That didn't take the shine off of a great holiday, hopefully the tan will see me into the winter months before I start looking pasty again.