Podcast Volume 10 Synthisme

Podcast Volume 10 Synthisme

I made this mix in a room in a shared house in North London way back in 2006. That's eight years ago! Wow. A lot has happened to me since then but listening to it again brought back plenty of happy memories.

Firstly, Synthisme? What's that then? To be honest, I'm not sure - I either made it up just now or it's something I've read somewhere else and have just recalled from my subconscious.

So that's the title, what about the substance? Well, these ten tracks are some of my favourites from that mid-noughties period in dance music, particularly the music of the London clubbing scene at the time as the music du jour shifted away from Ed Banger-type nu-rave and dull minimal to something more emotive, impactful, almost overwhelming at times but still great to dance to.

All of these tracks were purchased on vinyl from the long since closed Pure Groove record shop on Holloway Road - damn I miss that place, but at least my bank balance is a little healthier now.


  1. Black Strobe Nazi Trance Fuck Off! (James Holden Remix)
  2. Vitalic Poney Part 2
  3. Break 3000 Flash 1
  4. Kreeps All I Wanna Do Is Break Some Hearts (Boys Noize Mix)
  5. Booka Shade Nightfalls
  6. Kerri Chandler Bar A Thym
  7. Shit Robot Triumph
  8. Ame Rej
  9. Hot Chip And I Was A Boy From School (Erol Alkan Mix)
  10. Tiga Far From Home(DFA Mix)