Podcast Volume 9 Electronica

Podcast Volume 9 Electronica

My iTunes tells me the music in this latest podcast is electronica so that's what I'm calling the ninth instalment and first post of 2014.

In typical new year fashion this mix is something of a look back on my favourite releases of 2013. It's only seven tracks long because I don't buy much music anymore and that's the cold, hard truth of it but I tell myself I buy quality now rather than the huge quantities of vinyl I used to amass annually.

Each track has a bit of a back-story so I'll explain their inclusion one by one but if you're not interested in that then just jump to the tracklisting and audio files at the bottom of the page.

Still with me? Good! Starting and ending the mix with Factory Floor should tell you how much I love them right now. Turn It Up opens their debut album and was the release I was most looking forward to in 2013 and Fall Back is a classic track I never get tired of listening to.

I always assumed Jon Hopkins was a folk musician. Don't ask why, I'd just got it into my head that that was what he was so imagine my amazement when I heard Open Eye Signal on a compilation a friend made for me. Sorry Jon Hopkins, I think I love you.

What a year it was for James Blake who became Mercury Music Prize winner James Blake with his second album Overgrown. I like this track, I'm Sold, mostly because it's not Retrograde and marks me out as a musical connoisseur.

Daniel Avery's Drone Logic album was something I picked-up after reading countless glowing reviews hailing him as the latest saviour of dance music: more grown-up than Disclosure and not rubbish like Mylo. Naive Response is probably my favourite cut from the album but there are plenty of others fighting for that honour.

Boards of Canada did release an album in 2013 but Left Side Drive comes from the reissued Trans Canada Highway EP not Tomorrow's Harvest. I love this track simply because as soon as it starts you know it's a BoC track and only the greats can manage to do that to a listener.

I have BBC 6Music to thank for introducing me to Nils Frahm. One Saturday morning I couldn't help but stop what I was doing and listen to his track Says as Mary-Anne Hobbs played it on her breakfast show. It went down so well they played it at breakfast again the next day and following that it went straight to the top of my Christmas list.

So there you have it, a full and thorough explanation of why each and every track appears in this mix and what they mean to me. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as you've almost certainly enjoyed reading about it.


  1. Factory Floor Turn It Up
  2. Jon Hopkins Open Eye Signal
  3. James Blake I Am Sold
  4. Daniel Avery Naive Response
  5. Boards Of Canada Left Side Drive
  6. Nils Frahm Says
  7. Factory Floor Fall Back