If you've been paying any attention to the reading section of this blog you'd be inclined to think I don't read very much. I don't blame you. It's a logical assumption to make seeing as I've only written two posts on what I've been reading in the past two years.

Since being introduced to the Big Green Bookshop on Wood Green High street earlier this year and getting my hands on a string of really enjoyable books I've been ploughing through more literature than at any other time in my life. Maybe it's all the early nights I'm having these days?

The most recently completed was one recommended by the staff at Big Green Bookshop: Ritual by David Pinner.

Now you might not be familiar with the title but if I told you that Ritual is the book that inspired the classic British horror thriller The Wicker Man - one of my all-time favourite films - you'll immediately know what we're dealing with. However, you'd be much mistaken if you thought the book mirrored the film - they used the word inspired for a good reason.

Set in a Cornish village it's a story as British as they come, full of crazed locals, wild children, dodgy vicars, witches, murder and paganism but not a single cream tea in sight. Although I do remember there being some raspberry jam used as fake blood in one chapter.

Another reason to go and buy this book is that it's the first to be printed by Finders Keepers, a name you might already know as a record label and one that suffered huge stock losses during the PIAS warehouse blaze.

Much like the ethos they apply to their musical releases - obscure gems thought to be lost but deserving of a modern audience - the good people at Finders Keepers decided Ritual should be made available again and somehow managed to get hold of the author's personal copy and start a fresh print run.

At times the story is disturbing, frightening even, but always gripping and beautifully written it's certainly one I'd have no hesitation recommending.