I had the great pleasure of meeting my first niece yesterday afternoon. Yes, I'm now uncle to the wriggling bundle of joy that is Sophie Olivia Rose Walsh.

Mum, Louise, and dad, Michael, are both doing very well and looked as though they'd managed to get at least an hour or twos sleep since Sophie arrived on the evening of Monday 26 September.

We were given a tour of the newly decorated and furnished nursery and had plenty of time to discuss pressing matters like which car-seat system to use and just how much can new-born babies actually see.

We each took a turn to hold her and seeing as I'd remembered bring the camera along I had time to take plenty of photos and even experiment with some black and white shots. There's something about black and white photography that lends a certain timelessness to an image which I think works really well when it comes to photos of babies - the best photos from the day are over on Flickr.

We had a thoroughly lovely afternoon and just think, it's only a few months until she'll be joined by her first cousin!