Stewart Lee: A Room With A Stew

Stewart Lee: A Room With A Stew

For one of my birthday presents Kate got me two tickets for Stewart Lee at Chelmsford’s Civic Theatre and we persuaded my brother and his wife to come along too seeing as it’s just over the road from where they live.

Being out of the house without children and on the road at a little after five o’clock on a week day felt most odd – it’s been a long, long time since that happened! We arrive at Mike and Louise’s house a short while later and quickly on our way to the Lantern House for Chinese. Set menu D3 was ordered for all as we chomped our way through the complimentary prawn crackers.

The dinner conversation must’ve been good because we ended up paying the bill as we put on our coats and rushing to the theatre fearful of being late and singled out for ridicule – not that I’ve ever seen him do that to latecomers but there’s a first time for everything and no-one wants to be that person.

The gig kicked-off promptly and Mr Lee bounded on stage to warm applause. I think this was the third time I’ve seen him perform live and yet I was still feeling awkward a few minutes into his set as he poked fun at the audience – I had to keep reminding myself that this is his style and later into the evening he even apologised for abusing us saying it was all part of the act.

This particular show consisted of four or five (maybe more, maybe less, I lost count) half-hour segments as he rehearsed material for his next BBC2 Comedy Vehicle series. Topics covered included National Identity (Paul Nuttall of the UKIPs took a good bashing again), Urine, Bolivia (featuring a ridiculously drawn-out interpretation of traditional Bolivian music that had me in tears) and an encore that we had to have whether we wanted it or not and was simply a stream of ideas read from a piece of paper.

It’s hard to review a show like this, and I’m not really trying to, but I remember laughing a lot and leaving the theatre smiling after two and a half hours of comedy so it must’ve been good. Thanks, Kate!