Studio A

Studio A

Studio A was open to the public this weekend as part of London's Open House weekend and if you didn't know already it's one of two of the original television recording studios based in North London's Alexandra Palace.

After queueing and admiring the spectacular views across London we were treated to a Pathe film entitled Television Comes To London (available on YouTube: Part I and Part II) about how Alexandra Palace was chosen as London's first broadcasting site and the refurbishment process that was undertaken to convert the palace into a state-of-the-art television studio.

We saw how the first television camera's were made, how the generators were installed and powered and how the mighty mast itself was constructed. Most interesting even though it highlighted a woeful lack of health and safety regulations.

After the film we were taken up to Studio A itself were members of the Alexandra Palace Television Society gave a short talk and then invited us to explore their collection of antique television sets, video recorders and studio kit.

I came away amazed by the science and technology involved in it all and thoroughly impressed that they were doing all this in the 1930's.