The Apple Cart

The Apple Cart

Now that I’m a parent the wide-world of family friendly festivals has opened up to me and over the Jubilee weekend we made the short but arduous journey to Victoria Park for The Apple Cart festival.

This is the second year the festival has been run and is the more responsible but slightly boring sibling festival to Field Day. Curated and operated by Eat Your Own Ears and taking place on the Sunday which this year was probably the wettest Sunday on record. Not that it dampened our spirits, just our socks.

Not only was it our first time at Apple Cart it was Fergus’ very first festival and knowing it could go well or badly i.e. he’d either love it or hate it, I didn’t pay too much attention to the line-up not wanting to know what I was missing if we ended up spending all out time in the Little Pips play area. That said I was looking forward to comedy from Josie Long and Rich Hall and was very excited about seeing Kevin Saunderson’s Inner City playing live.

The Inner City dream was dashed as soon as we arrived, they topped the bill in the dance tent at the wildly late time of nine forty-five which is way past bath and bed time. We did manage to see Josie Long and a few others in the comedy tent even if I observed from a distance. Fergus really didn’t like the loudness of it all and at any sign of mass clapping, cheering, whooping or anything coming from on-stage would burst into fits of wailing tears.

After several laps of the festival site we found he was happiest in the aforementioned play area, magic tent or reading area where we had a reading of ‘Where’s Spot?’ followed by an appearance from the canine mischief maker himself.

Me on the other hand, I was happy at the bar enjoying the real ale although when I asked the bartender for a can of Santander I realised it was probably time to go home.

Next year I think we’ll bring some ear defenders for Ferg and hope for better weather, then I’ll be able to report on all the festival highlights rather than just the children’s facilities.