Tottenham Flower & Produce Show

Tottenham Flower & Produce Show

Yesterday was the fourth annual Tottenham Flower & Produce Show. If you've never heard of it, it doesn't matter. I hadn't either until a flier dropped through our door a few weeks ago.

After browsing said flier my first thought was 'why wasn't I told about the first, second and third events?' followed by 'oh! a produce competition, I know who'll like that!' and took the tri-fold over to Kate and watched as her eyes lit up at the thought of making cakes, chutneys and preserves with the added incentives of possible local bragging rights and a rosette or two.

In the week leading up to the festival we - mostly Kate - worked on cakes and experimental jams, marmalades and chutneys eventually settling on a Grapefruit marmalade, a date and ginger chutney, a 'death by chocolate' chocolate cake and a classic carrot cake.

The morning of the festival arrived and we had to be up bright and early for registration. We wandered over to Lordship Rec, produce in hand, and joined the queue. Obviously we checked out the competition and weighed up our chances and left feeling mildly confident.

After lunch we returned, with Kate's sister Charlotte, to take in the rest of the show. Sadly we'd missed the dog agility display, damn, but we did find out about Tottenham during the blitz, listened to some local bands and watched the judging going on in the produce tent. At three o'clock the produce tent was reopened and although the carrot and chocolate cakes hadn't done as well as expected the chutney was swamped by strong competition the marmalade grabbed a well deserved first place!

Afterwards Kate collected her certificate and medal and we rounded up the produce to take back home and start the serious task of eating it all. If you're wondering where I'm involved in all this then eating cake is definitely my area of expertise.